Digital Signage Software Features

Welcome to The Top Digital Signage Features page. Here you will find information on each of the features available in our smart digital signage platform.

smart digital signage features

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Inclusive Media Management

Management of digital signage contents can be done from one platform with our software. You will have access to all your published content at any time, regardless if it’s offline or not!

Comprehensive Screen Management

With our digital signage software solution, you can easily manage any size of network from hundreds to thousands of screens with equal ease.

Easy Scheduling

The scheduling module of our smart digital signage platform helps you to create schedules for different types and sizes of situations.

Premade Layouts

Our user-friendly layout designer allows you to take multiple zones of content and display them on one screen at the same time to create the exact design you want with our easy drag and drop interface!

Playlist Generator

Our playlist generator is an essential tool for managing large networks. They allow you to generate playlists on the fly, and enable you to manage your content and playlist in an efficient way.

Remote Management

You can manage all your screens and content from nearly anywhere, and on any internet-enabled device. Our system allows you to update your digital signage right from your comfort zone.

Display Management & Monitoring

With our digital signage software, you can centrally control and monitor a wide range of real-time multimedia formats like videos or social media. The use of advanced underlying technologies helps it shape the more personalized experience for customers while also keeping an eye out in order to provide relevant information about your products!

Reboot one or multiple
displays in a go

Add media or schedule to one or multiple displays at a time

Change content on displays in seconds with just a few clicks

Know what’s running on the display with the snapshot feature